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The Zyn Story

Our Background

Zyn Careers exists to make your work a happy place. We help people find fulfilling careers by changing the way they find jobs.

First, we have partnered with companies across the United States to uncover their cultures: through our surveys, we can first tell a company about their culture, so every company can know their greatest asset–their people–better. We then connect job seekers to companies where they would be happy working.

By holding a stake in both our job seekers’ and employers’ happiness (and successes)–we aren't just another job site: we're job matchmakers.

We currently have hundreds of thousands of data points about thousands of job seekers and insider culture information about more than 500 companies.

Zyn has been selected by the United States Federal Government's Delta Regional Authority as a DEN Fellow and by Innovate Mississippi as the winner of the New Venture Challenge.

Our Team

Caleb Robinson

Caleb is the Chief Technical Officer of Zyn Careers and a PhD candidate in the College of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Caleb is proficient in creating machine learning algorithms and has an active interest in human resource management.

Alex Ray

Alex is the Chief Executive Officer of Zyn Careers and a member of the Harvard Business School 2+2 Program. Alex is also an active member of SHRM and enjoys researching modern management theory.

Drew Maliniak

Drew Maliniak is the Chief Operating Officer at Zyn Careers. Before Zyn Careers, Drew worked at Goldman Sachs, FedEx, Writers House Literary Agency, and Time Inc. Drew graduated from Princeton in 2009.

Wesley Howell

Wesley Howell is the Chief Financial Officer at Zyn Careers and an Investment Banking Analyst at William Blair & Company in Chicago. Wesley has previous experience at Deloitte & Touche and Autozone.

Make Work Happy

Using People Analytics

About Zyn Consulting

Human resources looks backwards. Employers rank their employees’ past performance; employers know their past employee turnover. But business managers know that the past rarely reflects the future. They know that their business is changing, and their people must adapt.

Zyn Careers provides strategic consulting services to define your company culture, improve retention, and hire the best talent for your company. By constantly measuring your work culture, Zyn Careers can predict the job satisfaction of new hires–the key indicator of future performance.

"Zyn helped us understand our culture as we were growing. It helped us maintain a positive environment!"

-COO, Startup Client

"We have a small tight-knit group. There was a bit of structural tension, and Zyn helped us work through it."

-CEO, Recruiting Firm Client

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